Matsyendranath Mastye Prashikshan Kendra

Bale Masewale
Mr. Rupchand Bansi Bale
Mobile: 8888650918
Opposite Mukund Steel, tilak road
wadia Park, Near Ayurvedic College,
Ahmednagar 414001, Maharstra, India ,

Area of Work

  • Fish Seed (Mastya Beej)supplier
  • Mastye Prashikshan (fish farm training)
  • katla, rohu, grass carp (Gavtya), Tilapia, Cyprinus, common carp, mangur, catfish,
  • Fish Tonic/ Fish Food
  • Farm Pond Management (shet Tale)

Fish farming or pisciculture involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures, usually for food. Click here to know more

About Matsyendranath Mastye Prashikshan Kendra

Matsyendranath Mastye Prashikshan Kendra, matsya beej kendra, Bale Masewale,fish seed supplier in india.

Founder:Mr. Rupchand Bansi Bale Matsyendranath Mastye Prashikshan Kendra - Ahmednagar , was established 2005

Matsyendranath Mastye Prashikshan Kendra (Bale Masewale) is popular name in the field of Mastye Prashikshan (fish farm training), Mastye sheti (fish farming), Mastye beej supplier (fish seeds supplier)various location in india .people know us as Bale Masewale.

We are supplier of all types Feesh seeds (masty beej) for your shet tale (Farm Pond). fish seed, katla, rohu, grass carp (Gavtya), Tilapia, Cyprinus, common carp, mangur, catfish,

We are supplier of Fish food and all required set up for your shet tale (farm pnd).

we have team of 15 well trained and experience people.Our firm Matsyendranath Mastye Prashikshan Kendra was awarded by various goverment and private organisations.

We are supplier of fish seeds (masty Beej) since 2005 in all over india.

we supply Mrigal Fish Seeds ,Rohu Fish Seeds,Catla Fish Seed, chandera fish seeds,Tilapia Fish Seeds,Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Murrel Fish Seeds,Silver Carp Fish Seeds,Grass Carp Fish Seeds for various location in india. click here to contact us

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